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Check out this blog if you enjoy wasting your life!
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Barbara for Victoria’s Secret


Barbara for Victoria’s Secret

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Some Dana love and guns.

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" Gun control is the ultimate war on women. Firearms are the equalizer between the sexes. Sam Colt made us equal, indeed. This book explores that, the racist roots of gun control, and debunks the biggest arguments made by anti-gun extremists. The AR is on the cover because it is the most vilified, misunderstood rifle in America, responsible for the fewest crimes. Education is the antidote to ignorance. Consider this book the medicine.”

(Dana Loesch)

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The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.


Margaret Thatcher

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"The biological reality of our bodies is not a threat to our freedom. The idea that women need the same “ability” as men to not carry a child for nine months is absurd. On the contrary — that women can carry children is an ability, an amazing gift. It is not something to be mocked, controverted and disabled." -Lila Rose

Lila Rose is amazing and a real role model for young women and even us guys. She started Live Action Network at only 15.

Respect her and she is a blessing to all from God. That’s my girl.

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Carrie performing couple days ago in Florida

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I’m about to go to Maine for a couple days. Think four days but not really excited. At all to go.

There is no wifi, even know the Lake House is extremely modern. Though in the area Broadband Internet isn’t Wide spread and not available. Thank you Comcast for not yet being on point.

Last time I went up there I had Sprint and a Nexus 5. There was zero LTE coverage, not even reduced unstable speeds. Basically you are not getting internet, unless you go into town. Cell phone calling coverage is suspect at best. You usually can only send and receive texts.

So not too impressed, if my entire family wasn’t going. I surly would not be but sure it will be fun. Have to survive, but no making calls is crazy.

Well let’s hope my Verizon coverage is better then it was with Sprint. What is this Lol 1997?

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Elsa, lace, and color love.


Elsa, lace, and color love.

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Hamas is not interested in Peace.


Hamas is not interested in Peace.

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Lol love this chick. She is a problem.. I support Holly & Israel.

What’s the difference between a Nazi or Terrorist group?

Well technically nothing, there both threats to freedom, love and liberty. Same rhetoric, same moves and same end game.

Besides time and location.. Nothing.. Lol sorry National Socialists

And of course same people supporting each other. These Nazi wannabes love Islamic Extremists and Terror States when it benefits them. How about being a solid American and supporting our troops..

Lol and they both are soft and killed themselves in the end. Hitler was a punk and a p…

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Candice love.


Candice love.

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